Boy, 10, ’Too Tall’ For Kids’ Meal Discount

10歲男孩太高 無法享用兒童餐優惠

A 10-year-old boy, who was hoping to enjoy a half-price children’s meal, got a surprise when he was told by restaurant staff he was too tall for the discounted rate.


Ben Gardner was measured by staff, who deemed him nine centimetres over the 140cm height limit for the special price. His father had to pay the full price of £10 for his son’s meal.


The family had gone to the Angel Chef Chinese buffet restaurant in Saintbridge, Gloucester, for an evening out last Friday. They had hoped to take advantage of the half-price children’s meal but were bemused when staff measured him when he went up to the buffet to fill his plate.


The restaurant said there is a sign at the front of the restaurant informing customers of the children’s price height rule.


"They haven’t measured him before. How can they charge for an adult? He is only 10. It seems ludicrous they are going by height." Mr. Gardner said.


A spokeswoman from the national chain of Angel Chef said:"Since last year we started charging the adult price for children over 140cm. We leave it to the discretion of the manager."



bemuse︰使困惑、使茫然。例句︰The wine left him somewhat bemused.(喝酒後他多少有點神智迷糊。)

ludicrous︰滑稽、荒唐可笑的。例句︰His face was ludicrous in its dismay.(他那沮喪的神色看上去很滑稽。)

discretion︰ 斟酌決定(或處理)權。例句︰The matter came within his discretion.(這件事他可以自行決定處理。);at discretion指任意、隨意、無條件地,surrender at discretion(無條件投降)。

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