Maryland state mows with goats 馬里蘭州以山羊除草


Officials in the eastern US state of Maryland have come up with an innovative, cost-saving way to protect the environment: they use goats to mow the grass.


The State Highway Administration came up with the novel idea while building an 85-million-dollar road bypass near the town of Hampstead after it found that the construction site was home to bog turtles, the smallest turtle in the United States and a threatened species.


The traditional method of keeping grass at the side of a highway in trim -- lawn mowers -- was considered but discarded because it could severely disrupt the bog turtles’ habitat and possibly even injure or kill the tiny reptiles, whose shells measure between 7.6 and 11.5 centimeters in length.


Grazing cattle on the land was also pondered, but that idea was ruled out because cows are heavy and might have crushed the tiny turtles. Then, someone thought of the goat option.


"We found a local farmer who has 40 goats that we rent," said David Buck, spokesman for the State Highway Administration.


If the two-year, 10,000-dollar pilot project is deemed a success, it will be expanded to other environmentally sensitive regions across Maryland.



come up with ︰(針對問題或挑戰)提出、想出。例句︰He could always come up with a reason for them to linger another month.(他總能想出個理由來讓他們再待上一個月。)

trim︰名詞指修整、調整。例句︰It’s a long time for him to get into trim.(他花了很長的時間才穿著就緒。)in(good)trim指整齊、狀況佳,out of trim則是失衡。

pilot︰當形容詞指(小規模)試驗性的。例句︰The local government is trying a pilot farming scheme.(地方政府正在嘗試一個小規模試驗性的農耕計畫。)

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