107-year-old honoured among Afghan ’mothers of the year’



Afghan President Hamid Karzai honoured three women with the title Mother of the Year, including a posthumous recognition for a centenarian with some 500 descendants.


Bibi Tabo, 107, passed away six months ago but her medal was given to her son at a ceremony in Kabul.


Husan Bano Ghazanfar, the minister of women’s affairs, told a gathering of women at the ceremony that Tabo had around 500 children and grandchildren.


"This year we announce three mothers as mothers of the year," Ghazanfar told the audience. Among the other recipients was Bibi Sakina, who is known for her active role and hard work in her community in western Herat province, Ghazanfar said.


Illiterate Fatima Asir was also honoured after raising nine children, six sons and three daughters and ensuring they received a good education despite financial constraints. Among her children are an Afghan ambassador, university lecturer, doctor, engineer and an official in a senior post in the president’s office.



posthumous︰ 形容詞,死後的、身後的。例句︰He received a posthumous award for bravery.(他因英勇表現而在死後獲獎。)a posthumous child(遺腹子)、 posthumous works(遺作)。

centenarian︰名詞,百歲以上老人。centenary則指一世紀、一百年。例句︰This theatre is reaching its first centenary.(這家戲院即將滿一百年。)

constraint︰名詞,約束、限制、強制。例句︰The children showed constraint in the presence of the new teacher.(孩子們在新老師面前顯得拘謹。)

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