Show me the money: 5th-graders pick winning stocks/給我錢:小五生選中獲利股


If your stock portfolio isn’t performing as well as you’d like, maybe you could hand it over to these fifth-graders. Four students at Tullar Elementary School in Neenah won the recent Wisconsin Stock Market Game, turning $100,000 of hypothetical money into more than $203,000 in 10 weeks.


The winning team of Annie Czech, Bailey Morton, Jen Sagehorn and Sam Weiler invested exclusively in 15 financial stocks, of which 13 proved profitable.


"I was really excited," Annie said. "I wanted to scream."


"I am really pleased," Tim Hopfensperger, a teacher at the school and adviser to the young investors, said. "I am waiting to see what they will do in the future. A number of them will get involved in the financial industry."



Show me the money:給我錢,電影台詞,出自1996年的「征服情海」(Jerry Maguire)。此一台詞曾入選美國電影學院(American Film Institute, AFI)2005年的「百年百大電影經典名句」第25名。例句:"What’s your favorite movie quote?" " Definitely ’Show me the money’ from ’Jerry Maguire.’"「你最喜歡的電影台詞是哪句話?」「當然是『征服情海』的『給我錢』了。」

grade:名詞,(美)中小學的年級;~th grader,中小學~年級生。grade school,小學。小學亦可做elementary school或primary school。

portfolio:名詞,公事包;部長職;投資組合。minister without portfolio,不管部部長,政務委員。

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