Hair’s the limit for Japan’s Mohican Makino 日本足球隊員變髮無禁忌

Hiroshima defender Tomoaki Makino is poised to make a hair-raising debut for Japan against Chile after reporting for duty with a red-dyed Mohican.


The 22-year-old shocked team mates and Japan coach Takeshi Okada with his spiky hairdo on the eve of his country’s Kirin Cup friendly in Osaka.


"The red signifies passion and Japan’s rising sun flag," Makino told Japanese media, adding that it had taken eight hours to create his new look.


"Maybe he’s trying to get noticed by getting a Mohican," Okada smiled. "I had no idea he would go that far. Hopefully he will make a similar impression on the pitch."



The sky’s the limit:成語,指某事或某人的成就毫無限制。本文標題hair’s the limit由此成語變化而來,是指球員改變髮型的雙關語。如With two important film roles and a major award, it seems like the sky’s the limit for this talented young actress. (在兩部影片中都擔任要角、並獲頒重要獎項後,這位年輕的才女演員似乎前途無量。)

hair-raising:形容詞,指非常嚇人或刺激,如Driving through the mountains was a hair-raising experience.(開車穿越這些山脈非常刺激。)


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