Google employs goats Google僱用山羊

◎ 陳成良

Search engine outfit Google has hired a herd of goats in a bid to lower its carbon footprint. The herd of 200 goats have been bought in to clip and fertilize the grass on its Mountain View HQ rather than using lawnmowers.


Google said it wanted to take a more "low-carbon" approach with the goats reducing the company’s contribution to air and noise pollution. It costs about the same as mowing the lawn but the goats were "a lot cuter to watch."


The move has worried PETA which has said that while they have no problem with the goats eating grass, they were concerned about how they were transported and whether they have enough shelter and water.


Google has stretched its employee policy for the goats. Normally only employees are allowed a free organic lunch.


Yahoo has also employed goats to graze their grounds, some of them were made board members.



outfit: 名詞,(口語)企業;商業組織。例句:The Siemens of Germany set up a new outfit to expand its operations in China. (德國西門子公司成立一家新公司,以擴大在中國營運範圍。)

carbon footprint:名詞,碳足跡,指一個人、家庭、組織或國家所排放的溫室氣體(主要是二氧化碳)數量,也是溫室氣體排放量的通用測量標準。

graze: 動詞,(動物)吃草。例句:If wheat prices are very low, a farmer or rancher may choose to let the cattle graze the wheat all spring, instead of letting the wheat grow and producing grain.(如果小麥的價格非常低,一位農民或牧場主可以選擇讓牛群在小麥田吃上整個春天,而不是讓小麥生長結穗。)

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