Swiss cleaning bug reaches new peaks瑞士清潔狂熱到達顛峰


A Swiss holiday resort is offering mountain-cleaning courses after an April fools spoof caught the imagination of a nation known for its cleanliness, the tourism board said recently.


Authorities in Engelberg, an idyllic ski resort where tens of thousands of skiers come annually, said the April fools joke had such global impact that they were now using it as a marketing tool to attract holidaymakers.


"We are offering four weekend courses after which participants can call themselves qualified mountain cleaners," Modeste Jossen, Engelberg cable car services director, said. Participants are awarded a special ’mountain-cleaner badge’.


On April 1 this year, the national tourism board aired an online video to recruit mountain cleaners to keep the country’s Alpine peaks in pristine condition all year round.


The video was translated into six languages and more than 30,000 people completed the spoof application to become a mountain cleaner in the first 24 hours of it being posted.


Cleanliness and tidiness are entrenched in the culture of Switzerland, where many households still set aside one day a week solely for washing and doing housework.



bug:名詞,口語用法,指對某事物非常熱中,或指對某事物非常熱中的人,如 He’s been bitten by the sailing bug.(他愛上了航海。)

peak: 名詞,指山頂、山峰,亦指某事的最高峰、頂點,如Holiday flights reach a peak during August.(假期航班在8月到達最高點),亦可做動詞,如Official figures show that unemployment peaked in November.(官方數據顯示失業率在11月達到頂點。)

pristine:形容詞,正式用語,具 正面含意,指原始的、清新的、純樸的,如a pristine fores(原始林),亦指全新的或接近全新的,如We’ve just moved into our pristine new offices.(我們剛剛搬進全新的辦公室。)

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