Teens rob man in wheelchair 少年搶劫坐輪椅的男子


Two teenagers are facing charges in Florida after allegedly pulling an elderly man from his wheelchair, roughing him up and robbing him, police say.


Miami-Dade police said they arrested the 17-year-old and 13-year-old boys Friday and charged them with strong-arm robbery and battery of an elderly person, The Miami Herald reported Saturday.


Police say one of the teens was videotaped running up behind Celedono Carrera, 66, as he rode his motorized wheelchair in a parking lot May 8. The youth can be seen pulling Carrera from his wheelchair, knocking him to the ground and hitting him, the newspaper said.


Though prone, Carrera tries to defend himself by kicking at the teen, who walks away only to be replaced by a second youth who also can been seen struggling with the disabled senior. The attackers then ran off.


Police said Carrera’s wallet and necklace were taken from him, and he suffered minor injuries.



strong-arm:形容詞,使用暴力的、施暴的。例句: The police are on the lookout for suspects in a strong-arm robbery over the weekend.(警方正追查週末的一起暴力搶劫案嫌犯。)

rough up:片語,用暴力對待、向~動粗。例句:The mob roughed up the speaker.(暴徒向演講人動粗。)

run off:片語,跑掉、迅速離開。例句:They cast their arms to the ground and ran off.(他們把武器仍在地上逃走了。)

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