Iran using U.S. chip technology in rocket research 伊朗利用美國晶片科技進行火箭研究


An Iranian research institute claims it used Advance Micro Devices Inc. Opteron microprocessors to build a high computing performance system. The claim is but one more piece of evidence that the U.S. trade embargo on Iran has little impact on the country’s importing of high-tech equipment.


The Aerospace Research Institute of Iran (ARI) has listed on its Web site specifications for a high performance computer using AMD’s dual core chips. The Suse Linux-based system was launched with 32 cores which have since increased to 96 cores, according the ARI site.

伊朗航太研究所(ARI)在其網站上列出了一部以AMD雙核心晶片打造的高效能電腦規格。這套以Suse Linux作業系統為基礎的系統,推出時有32核心,此後增加至96核心,據ARI網站指出。

Exactly when the Iranians started building this system is uncertain. The Web page listed the specifications is dated from December.


This isn’t the first Iranian research organization to release specifications for a high performance computer system. In 2007, the Iranian High Performance Computing Research Center said it had assembled a Linux-based supercomputer using 216 Opteron processing cores. That center said it was the fastest system in Iran to date.



but :副詞,只;僅僅;才。例句:It took her but a few days to learn it.(只不過幾天時間她就學會了。)句中「but」可以換成「only」,但「but」更能強調語氣的堅決。

assemble:動詞,集合;聚集;裝配。例句:He was busy assembling the computer. (他忙著裝配電腦。)

to date:片語,迄今為止。up to date也有迄今、最新式、並駕齊驅之意。例句︰Our computer is up to date. (我們的電腦是最新款的。)

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