Hospital tells man to take Panadol for broken neck/男子頸部骨折 醫院要他吃普拿疼

◎ 魏國金

Health officials have apologised after a Sydney hospital told a man to go home and take painkillers for a broken neck.


Thirty-one-year-old Paul Curtis says he went to Ryde Hospital late on a Friday night in late May with a painful neck injury.


He says he was forced to wait several hours and then told by the doctor that the X-ray unit was closed and he should go home and take some Panadol.


Curtis returned to the hospital on Monday and a CT-scan showed his neck was broken. He was rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital, with a doctor there giving an assessment.


"The doctor said I’m lucky not to be a paraplegic," Curtis said. "Being told on the Monday afterwards that I am lucky to be alive ... you sort of go ’wow’." He says it should be mandatory for hospitals to carry out immediate X-rays on patients with neck injuries.


Ryde Hospital’s emergency department head doctor Peter Roberts says the initial doctor did follow guidelines but it is clear they need reviewing.


"On behalf of Ryde Hospital we do apologise to Paul Curtis," Dr Roberts said. He says in future, patients with similar symptoms will be X-rayed.



mandatory︰強制的、義務的。比如︰the mandatory retirement age(法定退休年齡)

sort of︰有幾分、多少有點。例句︰I’ve sort of heard of him but I don’t know who he is.(我對他略有耳聞,但不知道他是誰。)

on behalf of︰代表……一方。on somebody’s behalf也有代表某人、為了某人之意;例句︰Don’t be uneasy on my behalf.(不要為我擔心。)

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