What to do with doggy doo - how ’bout a Powerloo? 該拿狗便便怎麼辦——強力馬桶怎麼樣?


What to do with doggy doo - how ’bout a Powerloo?


Necessity might be the mother of invention, but nastiness also played a big role in Curt Fournier’s creation. Fournier, 34, developed the Powerloo and formed GreenDog LLC with fiancee Victoria Januszewski.


It’s an outdoor, handsfree flushable toilet for dog waste. The Powerloo sits just below ground level and taps into sewer lines. It’s designed to be an environmentally safe and convenient way to dispose of dog poop.


"Vicki and I were getting tired of cleaning up the mess left by our two dogs and thought that being able to flush it down a toilet in the backyard would make things easier," Fournier said.



LLC :字頭縮寫,limited liability company,股份有限公司。

do with:關聯;關於;處理對待,相處忍受。例句:his illness has nothing do with his failing the exam.(他的病跟他考試失敗毫無關聯。)


dispose:動詞,處置。disposable,形容詞,可任意處置的。例句:I don’t use disposable chopsticks; it’s bad for the environment.(我不用免洗筷;那不環保。)

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