Fathers-to-be ’gain extra weight’ 準爸爸會變胖


The average father-to-be gains a stone (6.35kg) during his partner’s pregnancy, a poll has suggested.


A fifth of 5,000 men surveyed said they were given larger meals, and 41% said there were more snacks in the house.


The poll, for marketing company Onepoll, also found 25% of men ate more food to make their partner feel better about her weight gain.


Favourite ’male pregnancy’ snacks include pizza, chocolate, crisps, and more inappropriately, beer.


The average weight gain equated to men putting on around at least two inches around their waist, and a quarter were forced to buy a "paternity" wardrobe.


A fifth of fathers-to-be said they had only realised they had put on weight when their existing clothes stopped fitting. But 19% said it was their friends who had felt they needed to make it clear they were fatter than before - via jokes about having a "bun in the oven".



equate:動詞,相當於。例句:The price of such goods in those days equates to about $50 a kilo at current prices.(那時候這些商品的價格,每公斤相當於現在的50美元。)

put on:片語,(體重)增加。例句:He’s put on 10 pounds in the last month.(他上個月胖了十磅。)

have a bun in the oven:(幽默用法)指「懷孕」。

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