Teen wakes up seeing stars 少女醒來看到星星


A Belgian teenager is suing a tattooist for £10,000 after claiming she woke up with 56 stars on her face.


Kimberley Vlaminck, 18, claims Rouslan Toumaniantz spoke such bad English and French that he misunderstood her at the Tattoo Box studio in Courtrai, Belgium.


She claims she fell asleep while the tattooist went to work and woke up to find 56 stars on her face.


"It is horrible," sobbed Kimberley. "He has turned me into a freak. I can’t go out on the street now with people looking at me."


However, Mr Toumaniantz insists she "got what she wanted" - and only complained when her dad got angry and her boyfriend dumped her.


Miss Vlaminch wants compensation to undergo laser treatment to remove the tattoos, but even after the treatment - that will cost upwards of 10,000 Euros, she is likely to be left with scars for life.



wake up:片語,醒來。例句:I woke up to discover that he had gone.(我醒來時發現他已走了。)

fall asleep:片語,入睡。例句:I fell asleep at my computer listening to music with my headphones.(我在電腦前用耳機聽音樂到睡著。)

for life:片語,終生、畢生。例句:It is still not known whether he will be paralyzed for life.(仍不曉得他是否會終生癱瘓。)

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