Brazen NZ parrot steals passport 大膽的紐西蘭鸚鵡偷護照

Polly wants a passport—and isn’t above stealing one.


A brazen parrot, which spotted a Scottish man’s passport in a colored bag in the luggage compartment under a tour bus, nabbed the document and made off into dense bush with it, the Southland Times newspaper reported Friday.


The bird—a parrot of the Kea variety—made its move while the bus was stopped along the highway to Milford Sound on South Island, and the driver was looking through the compartment.


Police told the newspaper the passport has not been recovered and is unlikely to be located in the vast Fiordland rain forest.


"My passport is somewhere out there in Fiordland. The Kea’s probably using it for fraudulent claims or something," the passport owner, who did not want to be named, told the newspaper.


Kea, the world’s only snow line-dwelling parrot, are widely known as inquisitive birds who appear to take delight in attacking rubber items like windshield wiper blades.


"I’ll never look at a Kea in the same way," the man was quoted saying.



brazen:形容詞,動詞;大膽的、厚臉皮的,大膽、厚臉皮的行動。例句:You are such a brazen liar.(你真是個厚顏無恥的騙子。)

above;介系詞,不屑於、難於,如;above comprehension難以理解的。above oneself 自大的。

take delight in;片語,樂於、以從事某事為樂。例句:She takes delight in helping others.(她以助人為樂。)

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