First couple’s NY date: a campaign promise kept 總統夫婦紐約約會:兌現選戰承諾


President Barack Obama made good on a campaign promise to his most important supporter Saturday night — his wife, Michelle. The president and first lady jetted to a date in New York, aides and media in tow.


"I am taking my wife to New York City because I promised her during the campaign that I would take her to a Broadway show after it was all finished," the president said in a statement an aide read to the press.


After dinning a little more than two hours at Blue Hill, a West Village restaurant, the president and first lady headed to the Belasco Theater to make it in time for "Joe Turner’s Come and Gone."

在西村餐廳Blue Hill吃了兩個多小時的晚餐後,總統和第一夫人及時前往Belasco劇院看「喬.特納的來來去去」。

The play by August Wilson is about black America recalling their migration from the sharecropping farms of the South to the industrialized North in the early 1900s.


From the West Village to the theater, and as they headed back for the flight to Washington.after the play, the Obamas were greeted by cheers from enthusiastic bystanders. But the RNC chastised Obama for saying he understands American’s troubles, but then hopping up to New York for "a night on the town."



make good on:動詞片語,履行(承諾)、支付(債款)。例句:You will be so in trouble if you can’t make good on your promise.(如果你不能兌現承諾,你的麻煩就大了。)

in tow:形容詞,緊跟著、在(某人)保護或伴隨下。例句:How I wish one day I could go travel alone without kids in tow. (我多希望有一天能獨自去旅行,沒有小孩跟著。)


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