Music ’nurtures’ premature babies 音樂有助早產兒發育


Hospitals that play music to premature babies help them grow and thrive, mounting evidence suggests.


The benefits are said to be calmer infants and parents as well as faster weight gain and shorter hospital stays.


A Canadian team reviewed nine studies and found music reduced pain and encouraged better oral feeding. Music also appeared to have beneficial effects on physiological measures like heart and respiratory rate, Archives of Disease in Childhood reports.


Increasing numbers of neonatal units are using music on their wards.


Six of the studies the University of Alberta team looked at music played to babies during painful procedures such as circumcisions. One looked at the effect of music on feeding rates and the remaining two looked at the effect of music on physiology and behaviours.


The study authors, Dr Manoj Kumar and colleagues, said: "There is preliminary evidence to suggest that music may have beneficial effects in terms of physiological parameters, behavioural states and pain reduction during painful medical procedures.



thrive:動詞,茁壯成長。例句:His business thrived in the years before the war.(他的生意在戰前幾年蓬勃成長。)

unit:名詞,病房 。例句:She’s in the burns unit.(她現在待在燒燙傷病房。)

procedure:名詞,手術。例句:It’s a standard surgical procedure.(這是標準外科手術。)

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