Snake blacks out Missouri Capitol, pays price害密蘇里州議會停電的蛇為此付出代價

◎ 張沛元

Missouri legislators spent about an hour in the dark because of a power outage at the state Capitol - and a snake took all the blame and paid the price.


The electricity went out at noon while lawmakers were debating legislation and scores of schoolchildren were touring the building.


Several people were stuck in elevators, but Capitol Police Chief Todd Hurt said they all were freed within 20 minutes and no injuries were reported. Power was back on after about an hour.


The problem was a reptile that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


AmerenUE spokeswoman Susan Gallagher said the black snake got into underground electrical cables near the Capitol and shorted out two cables.


The snake was electrocuted.


The blackout also affected the Governor’s Mansion and other downtown buildings.



black out:停電;昏倒,失去知覺。例句:I think I am going to black out.(我覺得我快昏倒了。)

take the blame (for doing something):俚語,承擔過錯。例句:I’ll never take the blame for something I didn’t do just to keep the peace.(我才不會為了和諧而去承擔我沒做過的事的罪名。)

pay the price :付出代價;承受做了某事或冒某險的後果。例句:You will be paying the price for smoking too much someday.(你總有一天得為抽太多菸付出代價。)

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