Noisy pet bird "saved" owner’s life 吵鬧的寵物鳥「救了」飼主一命


A 72-year-old man has credited his pet cockatiel with saving his life after raising the alarm by making a "heck of a noise" when he had a stroke.


Brian Molineaux, a night porter, collapsed at his home in Chelmsford, Essex, before he could feed his 17-year-old pet, called Budgie.


The bird made "such a fuss" that it alerted his wife, Shirley, 68, who called for help.


Mrs Molineaux, who was in bed at the time, said her "sixth sense" alerted her to the fact that something "wasn’t quite right" on the morning of March 2.


"Budgie is a free-flying bird in the house and when Brian gets up he always changes her feed," she said. "This morning he didn’t and she was waiting, as if to say:Where’s my food?"


"She started making a lot of noise and a sixth sense made me come downstairs."



to credit~with …:片語,把…歸功於~;認為~有(某種優點或成就)。herbs credited with healing powers.(被認為具有治療疾病功能的草本植物。)

a heck of a~:片語,指極度的、糟糕的。heck是hell的委婉用語,用來加強語氣或咒罵。例句:They had a heck of an argument.(他們爭執不下。)

fuss:名詞,緊張、急躁、大驚小怪、抱怨或反對。例句:Don’t make such a fuss over losing money.(別為掉錢一事大驚小怪的。)

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