Summer job: US intelligence analyst 暑期打工:當美國情報分析師

Forget mowing lawns, or thankless corporate internships : How about a two-week summer gig as an analyst under US Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair?


Blair’s office announced on 14th. April that it was looking for about 30 smart, motivated students in graduate school or their final year of undergraduate studies for a first-of-its-kind July 13 - July 24 "hands-on seminar."


Applicants must be US citizens at least 21 years old, with a strong academic background and the ability to pass a background security investigation before they study "Political Instability - International Systems in Transition."


"The program will include lectures, field trips to agencies and work on an intelligence problem under the direction of analysts drawn from the Intelligence Community," Blair’s office said in a statement.


"Students who qualify will receive secret-level security clearances for the duration of the seminar," as well as travel expenses, room and board, course materials, and a 1,000-dollar stipend, the statement said.



thankless:形容詞,吃力不討好的。例句:Being a housewife is a thankless job.(當個家庭主婦是吃力不討好的工作。)

gig:(美國俚語)工作(特別是指暫時性的工作),音樂表演。例句:Our Jazz band is going to have a gig next Friday in a famous Jazz bar.(我們的爵士樂團下週五將在一家知名爵士酒吧演出。)

hands-on:形容詞,身體力行的,親身去做的。例句:He is a hands-on manager.(他是事必躬親的經理。)

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