Man writes to Obama about smoking — and he writes back 男子寫信給歐巴瑪談抽菸 —他回信了!


It’s been 30 years since his dad died, and Michael Powers still misses him. That’s why he wrote to President Obama urging him not to smoke so he could be there for his daughters.


Powers, who calls himself a staunch Democrat, decided to write when he watched election night TV and heard Obama’s daughter greet him with a spirited "Hi, Daddy!"


"I think President Obama is the same way with his girls as my dad was with me," Powers said. "Friends."


Powers said Obama needs to be around for Malia and Sasha when they are dating: "Their dad’s gotta give some boys those dirty looks."


Powers told Obama his dad, Benjamin, smoked three packs of cigarettes a day --and later died of lung, throat and bone cancer.


Powers, 54, whose family has Waukegan roots, couldn’t believe it when Obama replied. He enclosed a photo of his dad. It was returned in a sealed plastic bag with Obama’s reply, he said.



be there, be around:片語,在某人左右、身邊(表示支持之意)。例句:I’ll be around anytime if you need me. (如果你需要我,我隨時都在你身邊。)

give sb. a dirty look:片語,給某人臉色看。例句:He always gives me that kind of dirty looks everytime I ask him for help.(每次我請他幫忙時,他都給我臭臉看。)

enclose:動詞,與信件一起附上的文件、檔案等。例句:An explanatory leaflet is enclosed for your reference. (茲附上說明資料供你參考。)

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