Hot climate produces baby girls 炎熱的氣候較易生女寶寶


People who live in the tropics have more baby girls compared with those living in other parts of the world, work reveals.


It may be down to the hotter weather or the longer days, says US researcher Dr Kristen Navara.


She says this climate may change miscarriage rates and sperm quality.

Or there may be some evolutionary advantage to having more girls than boys if you live by the equator.


Experts already know that the birth rates of boys and girls vary across the globe.


While some of this can be explained by society—in countries like China baby boys are favoured and many unborn girls are electively aborted—there are natural processes at work.


Research suggests the female foetus is less fragile than the male foetus, which is more prone to the effects of the environment on pregnant women.



produce:動詞,生育。例句:All our friends seem to be busy producing offspring at the moment.


miscarriage:名詞,流產。例句:I had two miscarriages before I gave birth to my daughter Heather.(我生女兒海瑟之前,曾經流產兩次。)

by:介係詞,在……旁邊,靠近。例句:A small child stood sullenly by her side.(一個小孩繃著臉站在她身旁。)

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