U.N. launches loans project for slum-dwellers 聯合國推出貧民窟居民貸款計畫


A U.N. programme to break the poverty cycle by providing small housing loans to slum-dwellers is set to take off in six nations after agreements were signed on Thursday.


Launching the project at a meeting in Nairobi, the U.N. housing agency UN-Habitat said financial institutions in Argentina, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania and Uganda would receive loans of up to $500,000 for housing slum-dwellers.


Funded by Spain, Bahrain and the Rockefeller Foundation, the $5 million Experimental Reimbursable Seeding Operations project lends the money to local banks that will in turn lend to the urban poor.


New housing will be built in eight slums in Nepal under the project, which is expected to help at least 6,700 people there.

根據這項計畫,尼泊爾8個貧民窟將興建新住宅,預計至少造福 6,700名當地民眾。

The U.N. programme has a total budget of $5 million of which $3.6 million is available to be lent to developing nations with $1.4 million for administration, staff time and legal fees.


新聞辭典 Dictionary

take off :片語,(飛機)起飛;開始;脫掉(衣服)。例句:Twenty minutes after the plane taking off, she took her coat off and took a nap.(飛機起飛後20分鐘,她脫下外套打起盹來。)

reimbursable:形容詞,可補償的。動詞型態是reimburse,是正式用語,指償還、補償。例句:She was reimbursed by the gas company for the damage to her house.(瓦斯公司因為她的房屋受損而提供她補償金。)

in turn︰輪流地、反過來。例句︰Theory is based on practice and in turn serves practice.(理論以實踐為基礎,反過來又為實踐服務。)

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