Bra cash saves woman from shooting 在胸罩藏錢使女子躲過槍擊


A woman survived a shootout in Brazil, after the impact of a bullet was absorbed by the money she had stuffed in her bra.


58-year-old Ivonete Pereira was travelling on a bus in Salvador, the capital of the northeastern state of Bahia, when two armed robbers tried to hold up the bus.


Because she knew that bus robberies were common in the region, Pereira decided to hide 150 reals rolled up inside her bra.


When the robbers started their attempted hold-up, a shootout began with a nearby police officer, and Pereira was hit by a stray bullet. However, the cash in her bra slowed it down enough that she survived - although she had to be taken to hospital to have the bullet removed.


A retired sergeant at the scene was not so lucky, as he was gunned down in the attack. The robbers managed to escape.



hold up:片語,持槍搶劫。例句:Several masked men held up a bank.(幾名蒙面男子持槍搶劫一家銀行。)

slow down:片語,(使)慢下來、減速。例句:Economic growth has slowed down.(經濟成長的速度減緩了。)

gun down:片語,槍殺、開槍打傷。例句:The soldier gunned down innocent women and children.(這名士兵槍殺無辜的婦女和兒童。)

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