Handling "bossnappings" poses dilemma for Sarkozy 薩科茲為解決「綁架老闆」問題面臨兩難


A spate of "bossnappings" by French workers has put President Nicolas Sarkozy in a tight spot, caught between the need to enforce the law and the risk of exacerbating unrest during the economic downturn.


Managers have been held hostage at factories for up to 24 hours by staff angry about layoff plans in four separate incidents since March.


Sarkozy now faces a dilemma in how to handle similar incidents. Employers’ groups and politicians from centre-right camp say such acts are unacceptable.


But labour unions and the left-wing opposition say workers facing layoffs in a context of recession and booming unemployment are desperate, so these acts are understandable.


The risk of sending in the riot police when the next hostage-taking occurs is that, far from discouraging such acts, it could cause them to proliferate.


Turning a blind eye carries risks as well. All four plants where bossnappings have occurred are foreign-owned, and the head of the CGPME employers’ group, which represents small and medium businesses, said foreign investors could be put off France.



in a tight spot:也可用in a tough spot/corner:指處於困境,如If there is a shortage of fuel, everyone who drives to work will be in a tight spot.(假如燃料短缺,所有得開車去上班的人就麻煩了。)

layoff:名詞,或寫成lay-off,指遭到(臨時)解僱,或指停工、停止活動,如The recent economic crisis has led to massive layoffs.(最近的經濟危機導致員工遭到解僱。)

proliferate:動詞,正式用語,指突然激增或擴散,如Small businesses have proliferated in the last ten years.(過去十年來小型企業的數量大量增加。)名詞則為proliferation。

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