French pole vaulter runs naked through Paris 法國撐竿跳選手巴黎街頭裸奔

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A French pole vaulting champion has run naked with his pole through the streets of Paris and posted the video on the Internet, hoping to draw attention to his quest for a new sponsorship deal.


Romain Mesnil, who won a silver medal at the 2007 Athletics World Championships in Osaka, used to be sponsored by U.S. sports brand Nike but says his contract expired last year and was not renewed.


"It was probably for budgetary and strategic reasons. It’s the crisis," he wrote on his website (www.romain-mesnil.com).


Many athletes have reported difficulties obtaining corporate sponsorship as companies cut costs because of the global economic downturn.


In his video, Mesnil runs with his pole as if preparing for a vault at tourist spots like Montmartre and the Pont des Arts across the River Seine. A black square has been added to the footage to cover his private parts.


The video has succeeded in drawing attention to Mesnil’s plight, at least in France. It was broadcast on primetime state television news bulletins.



pole vault︰撐竿跳。vault可當動詞或名詞,指撐物跳躍、(一躍而)達某種程度。例句︰He vaulted to fame on the strength of his discovery.(由於他的發現,他一舉成名。)


primetime︰黃金時段的、高峰時間的。例句︰The President will hold his second primetime news conference next Tuesday.(總統將在下週二舉行他第二場黃金時段的記者會。)

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