Czech art:shoot your lawmaker in the face 捷克藝術︰對著國會議員的臉開槍

◎ 魏國金

Two artists have offered Czechs angered by politics the chance to take revenge on their lawmakers by shooting them in the face, by turning their photos into air gun targets.


Tomas Cap and Michal Kraus have displayed the portraits of 200 lower-house deputies in plastic boxes on the wall of a Prague alternative gallery, in front of an air gun and a boxful of ammunition.


"We have seen lawmakers breach the promises they gave to voters so many times. The visitors of the gallery have a unique opportunity to show these politicians what they think," the artists said in a statement.


Two weeks after opening, the exhibition was a sad sight as most of the faces had been heavily damaged by airgun slugs, with some destroyed beyond recognition.


Opposition chief Jiri Paroubek was the worst hit with most of his face missing in the picture, followed by his ally David Rath and Interior Minister Ivan Langer.



take revenge︰片語,復仇。例句︰Man may destroy the balance of nature, but, from time to time, nature takes a terrible revenge.(人類或可破壞自然的平衡,但自然會不時痛加報復。)

breach︰動詞,違反、侵犯、不履行。例句︰These commitments have already been breached.(這些承諾已遭背棄。)

a sad sight︰悲慘的景象。sight有景象、情景之意。例句︰What a beautiful sight those roses make! (那些玫瑰花構成一幅多美的景象啊!)

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