Southern Chinese city to reinvent the wheel 華南城市重新創造摩天輪


China is planning to build the world’s highest ferris wheel in the southern city of Guangzhou to give tourism in the city a lift, state media said, stealing thunder from the capital Beijing.


The wheel, the highest if not the largest in the world, will be built on the sloping roof of the 450-metre Guangzhou TV tower and open before October 1, 2010, when the city, capital of the booming province of Guangdong, hosts the 16th Asian Games.


"The ferris wheel will withstand an earthquake of up to magnitude 8, owing to its quake-resistant design," the China Daily said. "Lightning arresters will form part of the design to make sure there is little damage during storm and lightning."


The newspaper said the wheel would be the world’s highest, but did not specify dimensions.


Beijing is already planning a giant ferris wheel, higher than both the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer.



give someone a lift :片語,給某人搭便車;提振某人士氣使之覺得更好。例句:Could you give me a lift? I’m already late for the meeting.(可以讓我搭便車嗎?我已經開會遲到了。)

steal somebody’s thunder:片語,搶人風采,做某事奪走稍早已做過此事的人所獲得的矚目。

owing to:片語,由於,基於。

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