Australia PM "sorry" over inflight food flap澳洲總理為飛機餐點爭議感到「抱歉」

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Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd found himself apologising for a flap over a missing inflight meal as he fielded questions from the global press on a $1.1-trillion rescue plan unveiled at the G20 summit.


While briefing reporters about steps taken by world leaders to combat the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, Rudd was asked about a press report that he had lost his temper with a flight attendant when told his meal request could not be met.


Australia’s Daily Telegraph said that Rudd reduced the 23-year-old woman to tears while on a flight in January from Papua New Guinea to Canberra.


Rudd, reportedly on a special weight-loss diet of non-red meat, acknowledged he "had a discussion" with a staff member on his VIP flight about "the provision of food" but said he did not see anyone on the plane cry.


"If anyone was offended by that, including the attendant concerned, of course, I apologise," Rudd said. "I said to the member of staff not to worry about it," he added.



flap:名詞,非正式用語,指騷亂、激動,如She’s in a flap because her parents are coming to visit.(父母要來拜訪讓她慌亂不已。)

field:動詞,指巧妙地回答,如The Minister had to field some tricky questions from the reporters.(部長必須巧妙地回答記者們一些難以應付的問題。)

reduce sb to sth:讓某人落到某種地步,如His comments reduced her to tears(= made her cry).(他的話把她弄哭了。)

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