Special Viruses Recharge Batteries特殊病毒為電池充電


MIT researchers say they’ve combined nanotechnology with genetically engineered viruses to build batteries that could power hybrid cars and cell phones.


The batteries, according to MIT, have the same energy capacity and power performance as state-of-the-art rechargeable batteries that are being considered to power plug-in hybrid cars and personal electronic devices.


They changed two genes in the virus, called M13, and got it to do two things: build a shell made out of a compound called iron phosphate, and then attach to a carbon nanotube to make a powerful and tiny electrode.


Such an electrode could conceivably make more powerful memory devices such as MP3 players or cellular telephones, and are far more environmentally friendly than current battery technologies, said Angela Belcher, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology materials scientist who led the research.


"We could run an iPod on it for about three times as long as current iPod batteries. If we really scale it, it would be used in a car," she added.



hybrid:混合體、(動植物的)雜種,如The hybrid from a donkey and a horse is called a mule.(驢和馬的雜交種稱為騾子。) hybrid car則指使用一種以上動力的車輛,如氣電混合車或油電混合車。

state-of-the-art:(科技、機電等產品)最先進的、最高級的。用法如 「state-of-the-art technology」( 尖端科技)。

scale:動詞,按一定比例製作。例句: Scale the model to be one tenth of actual size. (製作這個模型為實際大小的1/10。)

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