Scientists develop test for melamine in milk 科學家研發出檢驗牛奶三聚氰胺方法


U.S. researchers have developed a quick way to test milk for the presence of melamine, an industrial chemical found last year in milk in China that killed at least six children and made thousands sick.


Researchers at Purdue University in Indiana said on Wednesday the method can detect tiny traces of the chemical in liquid and powdered milk in about 25 seconds.


The analysis method uses a simplified version of a mass spectrometer, a tool that can be used to separate and identify molecules in compounds. The team developed the tool specifically to detect melamine, which was also found in contaminated pet food that killed thousands of dogs and cats in the United States in 2007.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration last November issued guidelines limiting melamine in dairy products to 1 part per million or less.


"This situation created an immediate need for an analytical method that is highly sensitive, fast, accurate and easy to use," R. Graham Cooks, who led the team, said in statement.


新聞辭典 Dictionary

trace:名詞,指「絲毫、微量」。trace elements則是「微量元素」。

dairy:名詞,製酪場、牛奶及乳品業;形容詞,牛奶製的、乳品的。例句:He runs a dairy near Madison. (他在麥迪遜附近經營一家牛奶場。)

mass:物理學名詞,質量。例句:A liter of gas has less mass than a liter of water. (一公升汽油的質量比一公升水的小。);mass-spectrometer 為「質譜儀」。

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