Guard fired after locking new hire in with inmate/把新同事跟犯人關在一起的監獄管理員被炒魷魚


A western Pennsylvania county prison guard has been fired over a prank in which a new guard was locked in a cell with an inmate involved in a police shootout.


Blair County officials didn’t release the guards’ names, but confirmed the incident after The Altoona Mirror received an anonymous report.


The report said the new guard was locked with the inmate for 20 minutes by a guard who wanted to see what the new hire was made of.


The inmate, accused of shooting at Altoona police in November, filed a complaint with the NAACP.


But Blair County Commissioner Terry Tomassetti said the new hire was the target, not the inmate.


Tomassetti says it was "just picking on a new employee," but still serious, and officials don’t want it to happen again.



hire:名詞,(非正式用法)受雇者。例句:Those two guys are the new hires in the sales department.(那兩個人是業務部的新人。)

prank:名詞,惡作劇。俚語,play a prank/trick on someone,對某人惡作劇。例句:Somebody played a prank on me by hiding my chair.(有人對我惡作劇把我的椅子藏起來了。)

pick on someone or something:片語,找碴,找麻煩;不公平地騷擾或打擾某人或某事。例句:Would you please stop picking on the dog?(拜託你不要去煩那隻狗好不好?)

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