Media ribs Berlusconi for shouting in Queen’s presence媒體嘲弄貝魯斯孔尼在英女王面前叫嚷

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Italian newspapers ribbed Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi for startling the Queen by shouting out to the U.S. president after a group photo with G20 leaders.


Television footage shows Berlusconi at the edge of the group calling out loudly "Mr Obama! It’s Berlusconi."


The footage shows the Queen looking startled by the shout. She turns as if to see where the noise was coming from.


Berlusconi, a 72-year-old media magnate in his third term in office with a high rating in opinion polls, has a history of diplomatic gaffes, twice recently referring to Obama’s skin colour -- or "sun tan," as the Italian leader called it.


The press had a field day. Among the cartoons, one in La Stampa said Berlusconi had an "unrivalled ability to make a fool of himself" which "we in Italy call charisma."


Photographs of the G20 also showed Berlusconi popping up behind Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and clapping his hands on their shoulders to smile for the cameras.



rib︰動詞,嘲笑、諷刺。例句︰He’s the best-natured guy, so they often rib him plenty.(他的脾氣最好,所以他們常對他大加嘲弄。)

have a field day︰片語,特別愉快的時刻、大顯威力的機會。例句︰Gossip columnists have had a field day speculating on the scandal.(八卦專欄作家極盡穿鑿這件醜聞之能事。)

make a fool of oneself︰片語,因幹蠢事而出醜。make a fool of sb.指愚弄、欺瞞某人,例句︰The schoolchildren made a fool of their new schoolfellow.(那些學童作弄新同學。)

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