Holocaust concert draws anger in Palestinian camp 大屠殺紀念音樂會在巴勒斯坦難民營引發激憤


Palestinian authorities disbanded a youth orchestra from a West Bank refugee camp after it played for a group of Holocaust survivors in Israel, a local official said.


Adnan Hindi of the Jenin camp called the Holocaust a "political issue" and accused conductor Wafa Younis of unknowingly dragging the children into a political dispute. Younis has been barred from the camp and the apartment where she taught the 13-member Strings of Freedom orchestra has been boarded up.


The move highlights the sensitivity of many Palestinians over acknowledging Jewish suffering, fearing it would weaken their own historical grievances against Israel.


"The Holocaust happened, but we are facing a similar massacre by the Jews themselves," Hindi said. "We lost our land, and we were forced to flee and we’ve lived in refugee camps for the past 50 years."


Jenin camp’s residents are descendants of Palestinians who were displaced during Israel’s war of independence.


Younis said that her intention was purely to perform music. "We didn’t do anything wrong," she said.



board up:動詞片語,用木板封住建築物的出入口,如We will have to board this house up if we can’t sell it.(假如我們賣不掉這棟房子,就得把房子封起來。)

grievance: 片詞,指因受不公待遇而感到強烈的不滿或憤慨。如A special committee has been appointed to handle prisoners’ grievances.(當局已指派一特別委員會,負責處理受刑人的不滿。)

displace:動 詞,指迫使某物或某人離開原有位置,如The building of a new dam will displace thousands of people who live in this area.(建造新水壩將迫使數千名原本住在此地的居民遷離家園。)displaced person尤指因戰爭、政治迫害或重大天災而被迫逃離家園的人。

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