Driver crashes into brothel, runs away 開車撞入妓院 駕駛人逃逸


When visiting a brothel, it’s normal to try to sneak in without being noticed. But the driver of an AU$175,000 Mercedes-Benz was far from unobtrusive when accidentally dropping into a notorious Melbourne brothel on Sunday.


The driver lost control of his car while trying to turn a corner, with the result that the Mercedes ploughed over a steel fence and planted itself in the front of the Ladies For Gentlemen brothel.


The driver legged it following the crash.


Ladies For Gentlemen is one of Melbourne’s oldest and most expensive brothels, according to The Age, with escorts starting at AU$300 per hour.


The driver, who fled the scene on foot, was not hurt in the accident. Police believe they know the identity of the driver, and are appealing for witnesses.



unobtrusive:片語,不唐突的、不引人注目的。例句:We will try to be as unobtrusive as possible.(我們將儘量做到不引人注目。)

turn a corner:片語,在街角轉彎,度過難關。例句:He was very ill but he’s turned the corner now.(他曾病得很重,但現已好轉。)

leg it:片語,行走、跑。例句:The children legged it up the street before I could catch them.(我還來不及抓住那些孩子,他們就已沿著大街跑掉。)

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