Football club refunds fans for "pitiful" performance 足球隊因「糟糕的」表現而退費給球迷

◎ 魏國金

Energie Cottbus’ players will reimburse the entrance fee of their 600 fans who made the trip to Gelsenkirchen to watch their team lose 4-0 at Schalke 04, the Bundesliga club said.


"By refunding the cost of admission for their supporters, the red and whites would like to apologise for the pitiful performance which they displayed at the Veltins Arena," explained the club in a press release entitled "Sorry".


Roughly 600 fans travelled from Cottbus, in east Germany near the Polish border, on Friday night to Gelsenkirchen -- a journey of some 610 kilometres -- to see their team suffer their sixth defeat in their last seven league games.


Cottbus are second from bottom of the Bundesliga table and are in danger of being relegated at the end of the season.



pitiful︰可憐的、令人同情的,在此指(表現)令人失望的、糟糕的。例句︰The stray dog was pitiful.(那隻流浪狗很可憐。)

reimburse︰歸還、補償。例句︰The company will reimburse your travel expenses.(公司將付還你的差旅費。)

relegate︰(球隊)降級、把…置於其次、流放。例句︰He relegated his fears to the edge of his mind.(他置恐懼於腦後。)

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