Saudis ban lewd licence tags -- including ’USA’ 沙烏地禁止粗鄙的車牌—包括有USA字樣

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Saudi Arabia has banned auto licence tags whose Arabic characters spell out offensive words when romanised, with the list of banned combinations including "USA", Al-Watan newspaper reported.


Saudi plates normally have three Arabic characters and three numbers, but the growing fashion is for auto owners also to display a version using the Latin alphabet and some buyers of personalised "vanity plates" deliberately choose Arabic letters which turn into words like "SEX", "ASS" and "NUT".


The authorities in charge of issuing vanity plates have released a list of nine prohibited three-letter combinations, and ordered all branches to stop renewing plates that include them, according to Watan.


On the list are combinations like "BUT," "BAD" and "BAR" -- the latter presumably a problem because it suggests alcohol, which is strictly prohibited in the conservative Islamic kingdom. But first on the list is the combination "USA".


Vanity plates are fashionable with wealthy and young Saudis, and auctions of special combinations have brought in as much1.6 million dollars for one plate, the newspaper reported.



lewd︰猥褻的、粗鄙的。例如︰a lewd remark(下流話)。

vanity plates︰vanity指虛榮、浮華。vanity plate就是為了滿足車主虛榮心而特別選定的汽車車牌。

bring in︰引進、產生(利潤、收入)。例句︰The wife is bringing in more than the husband.(妻子賺的錢比丈夫多。)

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