Gene defect clue to male pill 基因缺陷為男性避孕藥提供線索


A male contraceptive pill could be a step closer after US researchers identified a gene flaw linked to male infertility.

男性避孕藥的問世可能又更進了一步,因為美國研究人員找出與男性不孕相關的基因缺陷 。

The study of Iranian families found mutations in the CATSPER1 gene which controls a protein determining sperm movement.

這份針對伊朗家庭的研究,發現在CATSPER1這種基因中的突變。CATSPER1基因控制決定精子活動的蛋白質 。

Researchers say the finding could lead to treatments for infertile men - and potentially to a new contraceptive. UK researchers from the Medical Research Council Reproductive Biology Unit in have previously carried out surveys showing that men would be willing to take a contraceptive pill if one was available.


Condoms or a vasectomy are still the only male contraceptive choices.


In this study, the researchers were looking at a population with high rates of disease-causing gene mutations to investigate genetic causes of deafness.


However, while they were collecting genetic information, the scientists discovered that two families had different DNA mutations in the CATSPER1 gene.




flaw:名詞,缺陷、瑕疵。例句:There’s a fatal flaw in your reasoning.(你的論據有個致命的缺陷。)

infertile:形容詞,不孕的。例句:It has been estimated that one in eight couples is infertile.(據估計,八分之一配偶不孕。)

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