Woman killed by flying bottle in pub fracas酒館爭吵,飛來的酒瓶殺死女子

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A 19-year-old man who killed a woman when he threw a bottle into a crowded pub from which he had been barred, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to manslaughter.


Emma O’Kane, a 27-year-old mother of three, died after a shard of glass flew into her neck when the bottle shattered inside, Manchester Crown Court heard. She bled to death as the cut severed her jugular vein and an artery.


The court heard that the death of O’Kane, who worked as a part-time barmaid at the Queen Anne Hotel in Heywood, was an "incredible mishap".


Neil McNulty, from Heywood, was told he faced an "inevitable" custodial sentence after admitting causing the death last December.


O’Kane, who was not working at the time, was celebrating the birthday of her partner, Michael Shepherd, 38, whom she planned to marry.


McNulty was also out enjoying birthday drinks but became abusive when he and his friends were not allowed into the pub.


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