Chinese food fights breast cancer 中式食物可對抗乳癌


Two Chinese dietary staples - mushrooms and green tea - may have the power to ward off breast cancer, mounting evidence suggests.


A study of over 2,000 Chinese women in the International Journal of Cancer found large quantities of both in the diet slashed cancer risk by up to 90%.


Research suggests chemicals in the foods block tumour growth and boost the body’s natural defences against cancer.


But experts say it is unclear whether the benefits will apply to all women.


It is known that the rate of breast cancer in China is four- to five-times lower than rates typically seen in developed countries, although this is changing as women are adopting Western diets rich in meat and dairy.


Scientists in California have been doing a trial to see if taking a mushroom extract twice a day for a month helps breast cancer survivors remain free of the disease.


The new study of Chinese women, by a team at the University of Western Australia in Perth, found that women who ate at least 10g of fresh mushrooms daily were 64% less likely to develop breast cancer.



ward off:片語,避免。例句:In the winter I take vitamin C to ward off colds.(冬天我吃維他命C預防感冒。)

slash:動詞,降低。例句:Prices have been slashed by 50%!(價錢降了5成!)


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