Birds pilfer metal for nest 鳥兒竊取金屬築巢

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A pair of magpies has constructed a nest in a built-up part of Hong Kong using metal sticks apparently swiped from a nearby construction site, a report said.


In an example of nature’s ability to improvise even in the most urban setting, a third of the nest in the city’s Tuen Mun district was found to be made from metal, the Sunday Morning Post reported.


The innovative construction only came to light after around 40 metal sticks appeared on the ground over the past week, with one striking a woman on the head, it said.


The Leisure Department said it believed the birds may have taken the sticks from a construction site close to the tree where the nest is located.


Cheung Ho-fai, of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, told the Post it was the first time he had heard of a nest being built with metal, although there had been reports of construction with nylon string and plastic trash. "Urban construction has already compressed birds’ settlement space," he said. "I hope humans and birds can live peacefully together."



pilfer︰動詞,一點一點地偷竊,剽竊。例句︰She had been pilfering from the cash box for months.(幾個月來她一直從錢箱中偷錢。)

built-up︰名詞,發展、增強、積聚,也有捧場之意。例句︰The play had a big build-up in the press.(這齣戲在報上大受好評。)

improvise︰動詞,臨時湊成、即興演出。例句︰The cook hastily improvised a supper.(廚師臨時做了頓晚餐。)

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