’Brain training’ claims dismissed 「大腦訓練」宣稱遭駁斥


People who spend money on brain trainers to keep their mind sharp may well get the same benefit from simply doing a crossword, experts conclude.


Consumer group Which? asked three experts to check claims made about several devices, including the Nintendo DS, on memory and staving off dementia.

消費者團體Which?要求3名專家,檢查關於任天堂NSDL等器材有助於記憶與擊退痴呆的說法 。

They found the evidence behind such claims was non-existent or "weak".

他們發現,這些說法背後的證據並不存在,或是「薄弱」 。

But there is evidence that exercise, a healthy diet and an active social life help keep an agile mind, Which? said.


Brain trainers, often promoted by celebrity endorsement, have been increasing in popularity.


They are marketed as helping to improve memory, keep the mind fit and active and in some cases to prevent dementia.

它們被推銷為有助增強記憶力、保持心智健康與活躍,在有些案例中,還能避免痴呆 。

Manufacturers behind the products were asked what the benefits of their products were and what evidence they had to back up the claims.

這些產品的製造者,被問到產品有甚麼好處、有甚麼證據支持這些說法 。

The panel of scientists then gave their view on the research provided.


None of the claims was supported by peer-reviewed research in a recognised scientific journal, they concluded.




agile︰形容詞,敏銳的。例句:For a man of 80, he has a remarkably agile mind.(對80歲的人來說,他的心智驚人地敏銳。)

endorsement︰ 名詞,背書、代言,動詞為endorse。例句:They paid $2 million to the world champion to endorse their new aftershave.(他們花了200萬美元請世界冠軍代言新的鬍後水。)

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