Nanotech blasts cancer cells with tumor-killing genes 奈米科技以殺腫瘤的基因爆破癌細胞


Scientists in the U.K. are using nanotechnology to blast cancer cells in mice with "tumor busting" genes, giving new hope to patients with inoperable tumors.


The new technique has been shown to leave healthy cells undamaged in tests on mice. Researchers are hoping to do human trials within two years, according to the School of Pharmacy at the University of London.


Nanotechnology has held a critical role in the fight against cancer over the past year.


In December, for example, researchers at MIT announced that they had developed nanotechnology that can be placed inside living cells to determine whether chemotherapy drugs are reaching their targets or attacking healthy cells.


The sensors, which can detect chemotherapy drugs as well as toxins and free radicals, are carbon nanotubes that scientists have wrapped in DNA so they can be safely injected into living tissue.



inoperable:形容詞,不宜動手術的;手術不能治癒的。用法如:an inoperable brain tumor(手術不能治癒的癌)。

free radical:自由基,是指帶有不成對電子的分子、原子、或離子。自由基非常不穩定、具高度活性,會去搶奪其他物質的電子,而併發一連串連鎖反應,對身 體有一定毒性;可能影響一些生物分子如蛋白質、脂質、醣類、DNA等正常結構及代謝反應,造成不可回復的傷害。

wrap:動 詞,包裹;纏繞;覆蓋。wrapped,被包裝起來的,被包裝好的;wrapping,包裝紙,包裝材料。 wrapped up in,片語,全神貫注於;醉心於。例句:She is wrapped up in her studies.(她全神貫注於她的研究。)

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