Nigerian student gets 19 years’ jail for love scam 奈及利亞學生因感情騙局換得19年牢獄


A Nigerian undergraduate has been sentenced to 19 years in prison for obtaining $47,000 from an Australian woman by convincing her over the Internet that he was 57 years old, white, and madly in love with her.


Lawal Adekunle Nurudeen met his victim on the Internet in 2007 and convinced her that he was a British widower called Benson Lawson. He said he was an engineer working in Lagos whose wife and only child had been killed in a car accident.


"The victim, a 56-year-old woman from Australia, told the convict that she wanted a husband and all the men she had met always disappointed her," said the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nigeria’s anti-corruption police.


"The convict, who is married with three children, instantly replied and told the victim she had met her Mr Right ... He sent the picture of a white man to foreclose any suspicions."

「這名已婚、育有3子的罪犯立即回覆,告訴受害者她已然遇到了她的Mr. Right…,為了釋疑,他寄送一張白人男子的照片。」

The woman sent Nurudeen money for medical treatment and travel costs to visit Australia. He spent the funds on two plots of land and a Honda Prelude car.


Nigerian confidence tricksters have a long history of extorting money via the Internet through "419" scams, named after the clause that outlaws them in Nigeria’s penal code.



foreclose︰排除、阻止。例句︰They tried to foreclose the possibility of his meeting with the press.(他們設法排除他與媒體會面的可能性。)

confidence trick︰(先取信對方的)騙局。confidence指信任、秘密話,例如︰blurt out a confidence(脫口說出秘密。)

outlaw︰動詞為宣布…不合法。名詞指歹徒、被褫奪公權者,例句︰He was accused of giving shelter to a hunted outlaw.(他被控窩藏逃犯。)

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