French sex toy sales fall as financial crunch bites 金融危機侵襲 法國情趣用品銷售下滑


Sales in the French erotic industry have fallen as the global economic crisis has driven consumers to reduce their spending on sex toys, massage oils and other kinky products, sector specialists say.


At "Big Eropolis," an erotic fair that opened on Mar. 13 near Paris and bills itself as the biggest of its kind in the world, attendance was healthy but stall owners said customers were not spending as much as in previous years.


"We are hit by the financial crisis. We are not in the car industry either, so we haven’t seen a drop (in sales) of 50 percent, but the financial crisis has hit us," the fair’s organiser Eric Heuninck said.


"We have had a fall in turnover of about 30 percent compared with last year," said Bernard Montagud, who runs a sex toy stand at the fair which travels around France.


"Before, when a customer came and we always managed to sell them two or three items. Now, alas, they leave with one single item. We feel the impact," he added.


Dictionary 新聞辭典

turnover:名詞,(一定時間內的)業績、銷售量。例句:High turnover brings you high bonus. (業績好,你的獎金就多。)

kinky: 形容詞,古怪的,怪異到有點變態的特殊性癖好。例句:No wonder he can’t keep a good relationship with girls because he always like to talk kinky.(他老是愛講一些變態的性癖好,難怪和女生關係都不好。)


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