Did you have any actual work experience while in college?

Q:Did you have any actual work experience while in college?
A:Yes, at college I worked as an intern at a local Public Relations agency. I was based in the marketing department, and shadowed some of the marketing assistants there. I learnt a great deal from my colleagues. This work experience was very helpful and I really enjoyed it. The internship was the turning point in my life. It made me start thinking seriously about working in the field of public relations.

◎intern n.實習生 vt.實習
例:Kevin worked in the local bank as an intern.(凱文目前在一家當地銀行當實習生。)
◎agency n.公司、代辦機構
例:Can you recommend a good travel agency?(你可以推薦我一家好的旅行社嗎?)
◎shadow vt.見習
例:I spent my first month at work shadowing some of my colleagues.(我工作的第一個月都在跟某些同事見習。)
◎a marketing assistant 行銷助理
例:Alice used to work as an assistant to Mr. Goodman.(愛麗斯曾經當過古德曼先生的助理。)
◎the turning point 轉捩點
例:I regard meeting Mr. Johnson as the turning point of my life.(我認為遇見強森先生是我人生的轉捩點。)
◎think seriously about… 認真考慮……
例:Mark is thinking seriously about what he is going to do with his life.(馬克正在認真思考他的人生該何去何從。)


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