Police seek dancing trucker 警方尋找跳舞的卡車司機


European authorities say they are searching for a Romanian truck driver who released a video of himself dancing in his cab as he sped along a highway.


The truck driver, who works throughout Europe, gave the video to a television station and posted it on the Internet site YouTube, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.


The British newspaper said the video shows the man dancing in his cab, waving both hands and barely looking at the road ahead. He also moves to the passenger’s seat to dance. At one point, the driver steers with his feet as he drives close to other trucks and cars.


"I was just bored. This wasn’t anything special. We all do this -- we sing, while we’re driving," he said in the video.


The newspaper said copies of the video have been given to authorities throughout Europe. Romanian police say they want to interview the trucker, who appeared on a local television show.



speed:這裡當動詞用,指駕車者超速行駛。例句:The ambulance sped away in haste.(救護車疾速駛離。)

search for:片語,搜尋、尋找。例句:The policemen

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