Hundreds attending Britain’s first divorce fair 數百人參加英國首度舉辦的離婚展


Hundreds of newly single people are attending an event billed as Britain’s first divorce fair.


The Starting Over Show says it aims to help people "bounce back" from breakups. It is taking place at a hotel in the English seaside resort of Brighton.


Organizer Suzy Miller says the fair tries to focus on the positive and provide support to those experiencing a breakup.


Attendees can talk to lawyers, counselors, astrologers, financial advisers and lifestyle coaches. There is a play area for kids, as well as comforting tea and cake.


Organizers say they sold 300 advance tickets at about 5 pounds each.


Britain has one of Europe’s highest divorce rates, with 2.6 divorces per 1,000 people compared with a European average of 1.8, according to 2001 EU statistics.



bill(as)︰動詞,(以海報、廣告、報紙等)宣布。例句︰The visit was billed as nonpolitical. (這次訪問宣稱是非政治性的。)

bounce back︰片語,復元、復甦、回升。例句︰Last month he suffered a heart attack. But now he seems to have bounced back. (他上個月心臟病發過一次,不過現在他看來已經復元了。)

advance ticket︰指預售票。advance當形容詞有預先、事先之意。例如︰advance guard(先遣部隊、先鋒)。in advance of︰在…之前;例句︰His educational ideas were far in advance of his time.(他的教育觀點遠遠超越他的時代。)

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