Quick reactions ’long life link’ 反應快活得比較久


People with quick reactions are likely to live longer than those less quick off the mark, a study suggests.


The joint Edinburgh University and Medical Research Council team looked at the response rates of more than 7,400 people, the journal Intelligence said.


Researchers found those with the slowest reactions were 2.6 times more likely to die prematurely.


They said quick reactions may be a sign of intelligence.


Reaction times were taken using a computer programme during the 1980s along with range of other factors including alcohol intake, smoking habits, blood pressure and weight. The average age of those studied was 46.


Dr Geoff Der, one of the authors of the report, said: "Research has shown that there is a correlation between reaction times and intelligence.



be quick off the mark:片語,對某件事情或某種情況反應迅速。例句:The police were quick off the mark reaching the scene of the accident.(警方很快地抵達意外現場。)

along with :片語,與、連同、一起。例句:California, along with Florida and Hawaii, is among the most popular US tourist destinations.(加州,連同佛羅里達與夏威夷,都是美國人氣旅遊地點。)

intake:名詞,攝取量。例句:It says on the packet that four slices of this bread contains one half of your recommended daily intake of fibre.(包裝上說,這種麵包4片含有每日建議纖維攝取量的一半。)

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