Wal-Mart customer finds teeth in new wallet 沃爾瑪顧客在新皮夾中發現牙齒


A customer shopping at a Wal-Mart for a wallet claims he found something that definitely didn’t fit the bill: human teeth.


Police say the man found 10 human teeth Saturday when he unzipped a compartment in the wallet. One tooth had a filling.


The customer turned the wallet and the teeth over to employees at the Falmouth store but left without giving his name.


Police investigating the incident told The Cape Cod Times that the teeth belong to an adult, but since there was no blood or gum tissue on the teeth, they would be unable to perform DNA tests.


A Walmart spokeswoman said the company believes it was an "isolated incident," but will investigate.



unzip:動詞,拉開~拉鍊。例句:As she unzipped the garment, she noticed two price tags inside.(她拉開衣服的拉鍊時,注意到裡面有兩個價格標籤。)

turn over:片語,交給、移交。例句:I turned my library book over to the librarian yesterday.(我昨天把我在圖書館借的書交給館員。)

belong to:片語,(在所有權、關係方面)屬於~。例句:As a writer, he really belongs to the 18th century.(作為一位作家,他其實是屬於18世紀的。)

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