Beverly Hills pawnshops snap up artwork, Rolexes比佛利山當舖生意大好


An original Kandinsky, an Andy Warhol, a grand piano and Rolexes by the dozen: as the economic crisis bites even the filthy rich are hocking prized possessions to pay the bills.


"This business in the past eight months is booming," said Yossi Dina, the president of The Dina Collection, who describes himself as the pawnbroker to the stars.


"I’m very special because I don’t give small loans. I give big loans, people call me for half a million, big loans," he boasted.


Pawnshop owners said they haven’t had it so good for decades in the wealthy Beverly Hills dotted with the luxurious mansions of the nation’s rich and famous,


"Recently I got a Kandinsky, an Andy Warhol, original Andy Warhol, a lot of California art ... even a piece for one million dollars," Dina added. Someone even tried to hand over an Oscar to him, but he had to refuse as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has strict rules on selling the famous statuette. He did take the same person’s Golden Globe though.



snap up:動詞,原意為迅速抓住(機會或物品),本文指當舖生意好。例句:He was snapped up by a MLB team even before he graduated from school. (他還沒畢業就被一支美國大聯盟棒球隊網羅。)

filthy rich:名詞。非常有錢的人。filthy原意為污穢的或令人討厭的,在美國俚語中有「富有的」的意思,舊時用filthy rich略帶貶意,但現在這種負面意涵已經淡化。

boast:動詞,吹噓、自吹自擂。例句:She boasted to everyone that her boyfriend got a PHD degree from Harvard.(她逢人就吹噓她男友拿到了哈佛博士學位。)

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